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Thread: NMH2, Uncharted 2

  1. NMH2, Uncharted 2

    hai there!

    I'm looking to dish these off while they're still worth something. Prices include shipping. Shipping is $3 for the first game and $1 for any additional games.

    No More Heroes 2 : $30 -- The cover kind of has a few dimples. Nothing major, though.
    Uncharted 2: $30
    Spirit Tracks: $20
    SNK Classics v. 1 (Wii): $6 or free if you buy the other three!

    Not really looking for trades unless you have some Criterion DVD's or decent Blu Rays to unload. I'd also be willing to trade any of the three for Rhythm Tengoku Gold (JPN).
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  2. I take it Spirit Tracks is the DS Legend of Zelda game? If so I'll take that.
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  3. I'll take SNK Classics 1.


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