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Thread: Clearance 2010 update: 6/11

  1. Arrow Clearance 2010 update: 6/11

    A few things:

    1. Prices are with shipping included, domestic only and I take money order or paypal. Unless noted all items are in mint condition, I try to take care of things.

    2. Prices are firm, if a item fails to sell I'll see if it heads to Ebay or back to the closet.

    3. No home PC, so I'll contact people when possible. Don't panic if a response isn't immediate.

    4. There is a list of freebies, nothing worth paying for but if you see something you want I'll throw ONE item in with a order.

    5. I'll try to get some pics up, of course see number #3.


    Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 6 $8

    PC Engine:

    God Panic $15
    Denoko Rally (cute overhead battle rally game) $8
    Dragon Knight II $10
    Toilet Kids $50
    Faussette Amour $70


    Exit $6


    Phantasy Star Universe $5
    Monster Hunter $8 (Gamestop sticker on binding)


    Contra: Arcade (all extras are unopenned) $20
    Buile Baku (puzzle game with building demolition) $15
    Sega Ages: Gain Ground $25

    Ys Eternal Story I and II Deluxe Box (mint cond) $75

    Sold only as a complete package: $80

    Ys III: Wanderers from Ys with artbook and oversize binding
    Ys IV: Mask of the Sun New Theory
    Ys V: Lost Kefin Kingdom of Sand

    All Ys games: $140


    Puyo Puyo Fever $15
    Toy Commander $7
    Daytona USA $10
    Super Puzzle Fighter II $25


    Let's Tap $6 (mint/ board unopenned)


    Beat City $10
    Ketsui DS $70
    Alice In Wonderland $12
    Flower, Sun, and Rain $6
    Heroes of Mana $8
    Valkyrie Profile $10
    Steal Princess $12
    From the Abyss $10
    Nanostray 2 $8
    Advance Wars Dual Strike (cut on back of case) $12
    Lunar Knights $12


    Jet Grind Radio $10
    Sonic Advance 2 $10
    Iridion 2 $8


    Set of five Famicom Gashapon (with controllers and carts) $7

    Boxed Saturn Virtua Stick in great shape with complete Street Fighter Alpha 2 $15
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  2. Freebies

    P.O.D Still Payin Dues (new) DVD
    Two ships from the Alien movies gashapon (unopenned)
    Bomberman Wars J-Psone (Bomberman strategy game)
    Tetris X J-Psone (
    Sonic Hedgehog Manual Genny
    Exile (box and manual only) Genny
    Beat up Grind Stormer cart Genny
    Adventures of Batman and Robin SNES box

    Wanted (may consider trades)

    Phantasy Star Gen 1 J-PS2
    Virtual On J-PS2
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  3. I'll take the Shooting Historica vol 3 and Star Gladiator Gashapon, oh and the metal gear 2 ones too.
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  4. pm sent for Disaster Report and Cotton

  5. #5
    Psyvariar and photo boy plz. Along with the Souky binder.

  6. interested in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure $20, i'll send you a pm

  7. Updated with some pictures.

  8. paypal sent for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

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    Received the stuff saturday.

  10. Thanks Low, I got the stuff on Saturday.


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