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Thread: NEW XCM XFPS Storm PC Light Gun = Review

  1. PC NEW XCM XFPS Storm PC Light Gun = Review

    Most probably know that I run a video game review site. I just received a new product for review for PC from the manufacturer. However, I'm not a PC gamer. The product is a PC Light Gun known as XCM XFPS Storm.

    Since I'm not a PC gamer, I'm looking for a reviewer. The product retails for $99.99. All you have to do is use the product, put it through its test and give me a FULL detailed review (with or without pics). No need to ship it back..its yours to keep!

    Here is my news posting with pics and videos -

    I will than post the review on my site with my format that can be found in reviews - You will be credited with the review.

    Unfortunately, I'm tight on funds with my upcoming wedding in July. So you'll have to cover shipping costs. If you're local, we can meet up (I'm in Flushing, NY). You can PM me or email me at for faster communication.
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  2. Do you know if this is compatible with PS3?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    Do you know if this is compatible with PS3?
    I dont know Steve. I have close ties with manufacturer so I get info first before other sites plus I help them with some stuff. I know they are in the process of completing the PS3 version and the Xbox 360 version 2 months after.

    I opened the box and didnt see any CD software. Just gun, light sensor bar and manual. So its plug and play. I dont have FPS PS3 games to confirm. Maybe I connect it just to see if it works on the XMB homescreen. I want mainly base this on PC since thats the manufacturers main target. However, if it does work on PS3, even better!

    I'll check tonight to see if it interacts with the PS3 XMB.
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  4. Cool, I would love to test it out but my PC is ancient so I don't have any FPS to test it on.

  5. I've tested it and it works on PS3. However, since the button layout on the gun is for PC, I dont know how this would affect the PS3. It probably wouldnt but you'll probably have keyboard letters rather than the usual O, [_], /\ and X.

    Anyone who plays FPS on PC and want to review this?
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  6. Hey bandit, me again. I'd love to test the thing out, remember that wireless wii sensor bar I reviewed for you? I'm local, I have a good rig, and I play FPS games. You can't lose!

  7. Its been so long, I dont remember which Wii Sensor bar. HAHAHA. Whats so weird was that I didnt even have it linked on my site but it was posted.

    I checked back my old emails and have your address.

    Replied to your email.

  8. I'll test/review the 360 one if you get it.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
    I'll test/review the 360 one if you get it.
    PS3 version will be released first (April?). I actually have to write up some short descriptions for the manufacturer (one way of keeping a good relation, I come up with things, they send me stuff).

    The Xbox 360 version wont be out until June? The design is pretty much the same. All they have to do is change the color of the shell and buttons to correspond to consoles. However, I told them to send me their adapter that lets you use PS3 controllers on Xbox 360.

    I'll let you know if I need a reviewer.

    So TrialSword has dibs on the XFPS Storm when he gets back from PAX.

  10. XFPS Storm is now in the hands of TrialSword.


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