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Thread: I'm in EGM :)

  1. I was in Tips N Tricks a couple years ago. The one with Klonoa 2 on the cover. In the tournament report section.

  2. My name was in a Tips N Tricks years ago. I had the 2nd higest score for Top Skater. Wish I still had the issue, no big deal though.
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  3. Worst bump ever. YAWA, were you THAT bored?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by diffusionx
    Worst bump ever. YAWA, were you THAT bored?


    No I actually meant it!!!

    Like six people from the boards have been in EGM the last few months.
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    Seems that quite a few TNLer's are making it into the magazines....bahn...animegirl20...slip....Kaneda.....some other people I can't remember right now.

    Thats was sucks about living in the south - no one gives a damn about us...oh, wait, unless you are in Atlanta.

  6. I won a contest from EGM a few months ago. Heh, that automatically got my name in the issue!

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    lithium Guest
    I had a letter printed in last issue of EGM, I didn't think it was such a big deal

  8. I got a whole section of an EGM issue removed before publishing due to a threat of legal action.

    Does that count?
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  9. I was in GameFan once or twice, I think.

    Can't be sure, though... I never picked up the magazine to check. Probably should have.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by bahn
    Congrats...I was in a magazine once...Gamefan actually...the issue with Final Fantasy 8 on the cover, drawn by Patrick Spaziente.
    You were also in EGMs when they asked a question, so was Mechdeus, I believe.
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