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Thread: April 2010 Haul

  1. April 2010 Haul

    New month, new thread.

    Spill the beans on what you bought.

  2. Your mom.

    Got her for 50% off.

  3. i bought some lunch today at work
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    That isn't a robot. That's the world's largest 8 year old.

  4. New 700w PSU + 1.5tb hdd.

  5. Blast City cabinet from Ken @ TheGameRoom
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    Finished Games of '09
    nothing at this time

  6. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey
    Space Invaders 2
    Super Robot OG Saga of Tattays

    Just Cause 2 for free.

  7. I can ditch my original package Fallout, I've always wanted to try out the Gothic series, and I used to love Simon the Sorcerer on Amiga CD32.
    The fact that all three cost me less than $11 on helped out too.
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  8. Here's what I've bought and what I'll buy this month:


    Final Fantasy XIII
    Resonance of Fate

    Xbox 360:

    Final Fight XBLA
    After Burner Climax XBLA
    Ketsui (JPN)


    Red Steel 2
    Cave Story (this is pretty fucking rad, btw)

  9. Infinito Supeisu

  10. #10

    "Not for resale" two pack from SSJN. Thank you, sir.

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