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Thread: Damn Chocobo Race!! [FFX]

  1. Damn Chocobo Race!!

    Ok..I know this has been posted before, but I can't find it anywhere...How the hell do you get less than 0.00 in the Chocobo race in FFX? I once got 0.2 and that took me 5 hours!! I think this was some sick plan by the FFX producers to create hatered for Chocobos! So anyone have any tips?

    Oh, while I'm on the topic of Annoying Sidequests...anyone have any tips on the 200 Lightning Dodge thing as well?? I havn't gotten to that yet...but I have heard enough to be ready.

  2. Well it isn't impossible but it is sure frustrating

    First thing is you have to get as many balloons as you can, with a 0.2 time one more balloon would have done it.

    Don't worry about being behind the other person, in fact it is better to follow behind sometimes to avoid being hit, as long as you get more balloons and less bird hits you will get a better time.

    On the lightning what I did was go in the small indent near the beginning where there was a cactuar stone and stand with my back against the wall, this would prevent you from moving and since you aren't moving you can't get attacked by enemies... an easier way would be to get an item equiped with the ability to avoid enemies.

  3. if you dont get all of the balloons on the first ledge you start out on, youre screwed.

    but if you manage to do that, just remember than no one balloon is worth getting hit over. if you seen one, and a bird is coming right at it, just go around.

    the lightning dodging thing is retarded. just make a better weapon for lulu.


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