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Thread: Mini-laptop/netbook recommendations

  1. Mini-laptop/netbook recommendations

    I need either a mini laptop or a fancy netbook, and could use a bit of advice as to what's good. I just want to do a bit of typing, run Photoshop, and do a few other odds and ends. Maybe run an emulator or two. Basically, I want a workhorse. Any advice?

    -edit- I know what a Google is, by the way. It's personal preferences I'm after here.

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  2. How small are we talking about? Not sure why you would want to use Photoshop on a netbook. (10")

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    Photoshop will run fine on a netbook if you use an older version, but the low resolution causes issues in some menus. More memory would definately help though.

    All netbooks have the same basic architecture, the main differences will be the screen quality, keyboard, and amount and type of hard drive. I'd recomment hitting up computer stores to see what you like. Also, windows 7 runs great on the netbook, I probably wouldn't bother with a WinXP netbook unless you got a good deal on it. DO NOT get a vista netbook.

    I got a HP model, the screen was good and the keyboard was large enough that I could actually type on it. The Acers keyboard was too small for me.

    Long life batteries are not necessary, but nice. Mine with the large battery will last 7 hours with max screen brightness, a regular one would be half that which is still pretty good.
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  4. I'm taking it to E3 and will need to play with media. Plus I'm not up on netbooks at all, and am a bit fuzzy on the difference between a netbook and small laptop. It seems like an artificial distinction between screen size and power more than anything else.


  5. It is, pretty much. Anyway, the HP Mini 311 is a good mix of cost + size if you're going for under 12". I have an Aspire One, it's a 'true' netbook but you wouldn't want to use it for Photoshop anything. It has the typical 1024x600 netbook screen. The 311 has the > 720p screen

  6. they're all p. much the same

    also netbook = generally 10-12" or smaller (anything larger goes to 'ultra-portable notebook' territory), no optical drive, generally use atom processors

  7. If you're going to get an Atom-based netbook, the N450 CPU is faster and much less power-hungry than the N270, and it comes with slightly less awful integrated graphics, so it's worth the extra few bucks.

  8. I own a eee PC I bought last year.

    Photoshop on a netbook? No way dude. The only thing a netbook really is good for is surfing the internet and playing games. Granted, those two things make it awesome, but you can't really do anything productive on a netbook.

    As workhorses they're not even that good. The left mouse button on mine broke today. They really aren't designed for even moderately heavy use. The keyboard is small (don't listen to the lies) and the screen ain't that hot.

    I kind of wish I bought a few less bullshit games and bought a real laptop instead last year, because now I don't really have the money for one. Owned by cheapness.
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  9. Yeah, I've already pretty much decided that going small-laptop makes the most sense. Netbooks sound like they're just a bit shy of the grunt needed to be truly useful, although I'll want to look at what the Atom N450 can do before writing them off completely.


  10. I own an Acer 10.1" netbook. I fucking love it. Again, as stated, it's small, no optical drive (who needs them anymore? Just get a flash drive), Atom processor, blah, blah, blah. But it weighs nothing, is dead quiet, and works great for web surfing, email, word processing, GOG-level games (as Diff said), and so on. Great for school, too.

    And unlike other brands, my Acer seems pretty sturdy. No problems with it so far, and I've been using it constantly for at least 10 months.

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