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Thread: Brand New Harmony 620 Remote

  1. Brand New Harmony 620 Remote

    Not my pic.

    I've got three of these. If any of you faggots are interested, they're $55 a piece shipped. They are brand new, unopened. Guaranteed to get you laid.
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    Do you accept trade ins? I have no idea why the fuck I would need this product.

  3. Anal pleasure.

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    Why does a remote need a screen? Does that screen have a remote?

  5. The screen is used to label the 6 buttons next to it, and to navigate if you need help.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by YellerDog View Post
    Why does a remote need a screen? Does that screen have a remote?
    Depending on what device you're actually using, the screen lists commands.

    If the remote is powering your TV, it's like volume, channel, guide.

    If it's your receiver, it's like volume, inputs, etc.

    Pretty rad actually!

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    The receiver I used to have had a nice little wheel you could click over for different functions, as-such.

    Mind you, there was like a paragraph of information on and around most buttons, color-coded.

    How's that thing hang, battery-life wise?

  8. I have had 2 Harmony remotes. The battery life starts out good (like recharge every couple of weeks, maybe more) but after a year or so, it gets worse and worse. Now I have to recharge mine every week at least, and some of the buttons get "stuck" (of course they are the ones you use the most, like channel/volume). My next one won't be a Harmony.

  9. Mine uses 4 standard AAAs that last around 4 months of pretty heavy use. The screen never complete shuts off (looks kinda like a gameboy screen).


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