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Thread: One Piece

  1. I like Robin now that they've finally shown more of her back story. It always bugged me how she was their enemy... then all the sudden their nakama. Without a whole lot of explanation as to why they'd even want her. (She's always so cold and distant.)

    But I like her now after "I want to live! Take me out to the sea with you!" and seeing her childhood/genesis of villainhood on her island home, Ohana.

  2. If you don't tear up at the "I want to live" scene you're not a human.

  3. Robin's island home is Ohara, Comps. Ohana is that Lilo & Stitch family thing.

    Up to episode 320 now. Goddamn, it's looking like Frankie will join the crew? I'm not into that guy at all. He bugs.

  4. You think Frankie starts off as a problem? Wait until you meet the next character. They both fit in well as time goes on, though.

    399, well into Sabody arc now. I got my girlfriend watching the show a few months back and she's been tearing through the episodes and now we're watching all new stuff I haven't seen yet.


  5. Franky is AWESOME.

    He thinks of himself as a toy, just another in a long line of Battle Frankies. He's one of my favorite members of the crew. Oda said he designed him after a mixture of Ace Ventura and Popeye, two of his favorite American things.

    EDIT: At the very least he's been coy about it when asked.

  6. I went back to watching after years hiatus and I started after thriller bark and now i'm on marineford. Kinda wishing that they wouldn't try to stretch (no pun intended) this anime so much and get to the point. Is it really necessary to have 20+ episodes of one battle and nothing significant happens until the end? Don't get me wrong I love One Piece, but when I stopped watching I read the manga, so I know what happens and how fast it took them to get there.

  7. One Piece only really works if you've got a couple dozen episodes to watch at a time. Now that I've finally caught up I've stopped watching until there's at least 4 available, and am thinking maybe just make it an annual thing to watch a season over the course of a week. The show would be best served by taking a year off to let the manga get ahead and then doing 24-26 episodes a season, without so much filler, but that's not going to happen. Thankfully when things do actually happen it tends to make up for the long dramatic shots of two people staring at each other forever.


  8. I'm too invested in the current manga arc to give it a break. I always liked Doflamingo. His design, motivations, demeanor, etc remind me a lot of Crocodile, my OTHER favorite villain.


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