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Thread: One Piece

  1. One Piece

    So way back when, when it came to the point where I was salivating over new raw chapters in the Enies Lobby arc, and was waiting ravenously for the next Kaizoku release, I decided to go on a One Piece hiatus. A few years later and I'm almost 300 chapters and 200 episodes behind. Once I read about Impel Down, I knew I had to come back. So...I dunno if anyone else has kept up, but a few questions!

    1. I know that Kaizoku has up to 271, and Funimation's own sub streaming starts at 391. What is the best resource for the 120 interim episodes? I think it encompasses the whole of "Thriller Bark."

    2. Is Oda seriously still pumping these chapters out in a timely manner?

    3. Manga chapters are nice and all, does anyone know of a place I can get a bunch of them in cbr/cbz format?

    I GUESS WE CAN TALK ABOUT ONE PIECE HERE TOO. Anyone who used to watch/read One Piece but stopped like I did really needs to get back into it. It's been pretty epic apparently.

  2. Oda is still on top with One Piece every week, with the occasional one week hiatus that every manga I read is prone to. If you figure out where to get manga in cbr/cbz format that would make my day.
    All is well.

  3. My brother and I have watched more than 100 episodes in about two and a half weeks, I'm glad I waited for the glut of available episodes, but I'm also glad I'm devouring them! This is a great show...

  4. I'd been out from under One Piece for a while, but this week I've blown through 8 episodes. Currently I'm at 253, and would have watched another one or two tonight but ran out of time. There's no call for this show to be this addictive, at all.


  5. This shit has too many episodes

  6. Can't argue that. I still get a Saturday Morning Cartoon vibe from it in a way that no other show manages, though.


  7. Argh. Kaizoku switched their coded from 258 on, and now it won't play on the 360. Anyone got any advice on how to convert these things? This is ridiculous. I don't even know what I'm converting from.


  8. Tried that, it didn't work, and then I posted here. If the answer was easy to find I wouldn't have bothered asking.


  9. I don't believe you for a second.

    Have you tried Hand Brake? That pretty much converts anything you can throw at it. What format is One Piece being encoded into now?


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