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Thread: Hori Real Arcade Pro EX-SE

  1. Hori Real Arcade Pro EX-SE

    PayPal gift preferred, but I'll also take money orders or concealed cash. Shipping is included in the prices for US buyers, but I'm open to shipping worldwide. I have plenty of references, and I can take pictures of anything if requested.

    Xbox 360:
    HRAP EX-SE - Like new, used only a few times. All Seimitsu parts! - $95
    Click for full size

    (My eBay account is anttruong, hence the note)
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  2. do you have the original box? i'm interested.

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    That box the stick is sitting on?

  4. Yeah, as pictured I have the box and everything the stick came with.

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    Tell Ramon to stop being a faggot and buy it. Also, I kinda want it as well.

  6. Ramon wouldn't like it, not a fan of Japanese parts in general.

  7. I have this stick, it works good-er

  8. Ramon is too cheap to buy a $3 cable, you think he will buy a $100 stick?

  9. Price drop to $95.


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