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Thread: Dragon Ball Z Kai now airing on TV

  1. Dragon Ball Z Kai now airing on TV

    Are there any DBZ fans here from back in the day? I have been really enjoying this revision of DBZ. No bullcrap filler, only the good stuff. It only took till episode #8 for the Saiyans to land on Earth! Also some of the animation has been redrawn/corrected and all the Japanese music is retained, w/songs dubbed in English.

    review of the first DVD
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  3. DBZ minus the filler?

    I may check this out someday.
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  4. Yes, there is a BluRay. Like the DVD, it has 13 episodes (that cover the same ground as THIRTY). On Japanese TV it is cropped to 16:9 but on American TV and our video releases it is the original 4:3.
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  5. They fucked up the intro. The original could have stood the test of time, I don't care what anyone says!

    Also, DBZ filler is the only filler I could ever stand, I just loved the show that much. Kind of like Sailor Moon filler...
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  7. Everyone can enjoy that!
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    I need to see this show, but I'm kind of DBZ'ed out since I watched the entire series on DVD last year. Still, I don't think I'll ever watch it again, so I may sell my season sets while they are still worth something and pick up the Kai blurays.
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  9. That's like me, only going from VHS to DVD. You'll probably have better luck than me, although we are also competing with Dragon Box edition which is also tempting.

    Re: Kai v1
    The writing for DBZ hasn't been this good since the Pioneer dubs of movies 1-3!
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