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Thread: Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Sticks

  1. Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Sticks

    The Mad Catz sticks. Selling one of each, unused, only examined, like new, complete, $98 shipped.

    EDIT - one 360, one PS3, both Round One sticks
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    That's a damn good price. I'm covered on that front, but I heartily endorse the product.

  3. I'm interested in the 360 stick. Is PayPal your preferred avenue?

  4. One is already spoken for, the other will be pulled to not interfere with mannerbot's auction and re-posted at a later to be determined time.

  5. Hey, I appreciate it and all, but I think the HRAP EX-SE and TE sticks cater to different niches. Don't let me slow your hustle!

  6. FF, it depends on what stick one guy picks. I'm selling one of each so if he wants the 360 one, I'll only have a PS3 stick left available.


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