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Thread: The Walking Dead

  1. Zombies are completely played out. I went on such a hard zombie bender starting back in... geez, 2001 and that lasted until the end of college. They're fun, don't get me wrong, but the whole genre is definitely kind of over-exposed and done to death. World War Z was the last good thing about zombies I've seen, everything else has been just kind of silly.

    That said, this show looks like it could be really cool. I'm thinking of it like a curtain call for the whole sub-genre, one last chance for somebody to take zombies and do something really great with it. I picked up the first volume yesterday on a lark. Also I read a description of this show as, heh, Dawn of the Dead crossed with The Wire.

    That and it's Frank Darabont

  2. Zombies still rule.

  3. They still rule, they're just a little worn out. Of course I'm saying this after I read the first volume of this on the train this morning and ordered the 48 issue compendium immediate afterwards, so I might just be talking out of my ass.

    I like the comic so far, even if it is a bit by the numbers zombie story (so far at least). My only issue was him driving from Kentucky to Atlanta and actually finding his wife and kid. Come the fuck on, I thought this was supposed to be realistic?

  4. The comic really is more about the people anyways. The zombies are just kind of there as the reason for all of this fucked up shit happening.

  5. Darabont is right, it's sort of like Mad Men's relation to advertising or Friday Night Light's relation to football. The zombies are pretty much there as a backdrop or touchstone.

    In any case, I look forward to hauling around the 1000+ page compendium

  6. Having just caught up on The Walking Dead recently i couldn't me more excited. This is gonna fuckin' rock. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG
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  7. Hurry before its taken down!

    Looks fucking awesome.

  8. Yeah, I'm excited. When is it supposed to start?
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  9. #19
    Very spot on. I can't believe they got Darabont to do it.

  10. That looked awesome, especially the part with the tank.

    AMC is on fire. I really got to get into Mad Men.
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