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Thread: Trouble with signature.

  1. Trouble with signature.

    So, I uploaded a pic, inserted it in my sig, and it shows up in the preview, but it doesn't show up after my posts.
    I added some text, but still nothing at all shows up.
    What am I doing wrong?

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    Do you have sigs turned off?

  3. I can't get your signature to work either. I even downloaded the picture, resaved it at a much smaller file size, and tried it again. Nothing.

    Your forum permissions seems to be in order. Others in the same groups have sigs.

    Might need a few more minutes on this one.

  4. It just magically popped up with some gibberish text when I posted in the e3 thread.
    This is weird.

  5. I'm on the road now, but you can delete that gibberish in your User CP. I thought I already did, but I was on my way out the door.

  6. well it works

  7. So, how does this work? Does the sig only show up on posts that I make after enabling it? My first post still has none.

  8. If you want it to show in that post, you have to go back to it and check the box that allows the signature to show. It's in the advanced post editor, under the field where you typed in your post.

    EDIT: I took the text out of your signature.

  9. Oh cool. Thanks.
    Sorry for the noob questions. I never bothered with sigs before, but I wanted to come up with something new after the update hits.


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