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    Glass Joe's list is great, I'll add a few:

    TaskPanel - The problem with a multitasking OS is that there's often too much shit open. This program is like Task Manager in windows, and lets you close shit, or keep stuff from auto loading at startup.

    Abduction - You're a cow, and your cow friends have been abducted by UFOs. There's a free and a pay version, the free is still loads of fun.

    NESroid, GENoid, SNESoid - Emulators. They aren't at 100% yet, but they can be good time wasters. There's an app that lets you use Wii remotes through bluetooth, but I forget the name.

    K-9 Mail - I don't know about the newer phones, but the regular POP3 email client on my G1 sucks ass. K-9 is similar, but it fixes everything that is wrong with the regular client.

    DailyStrip - Lots of daily newspaper comics on your phone. There are a few webcomics like Cyanide and Happiness as well.

    Ebay app - Self explanitory.

    Barcode Scanner - Use your camera to scan a barcode, the program looks online to find out pricing. It's great if you're the "I bet I can find this on Amazon cheap" kind of person.
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  2. I'm on tnl mobile. Whoop whoop!

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    in 2 months the incredible will be old and busted. the new hotness will be the motorola shadow.

    12 megapixel, 720P video, bitches.

    Nice, I hadn't heard anything about that yet. Hopefully the price will be in line with the Incredible.
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  4. And then in 6 months, the Shadow will be old and busted when the HTC Scorpion comes in at 1.5ghz.

    I can tell you right now that the Evo is amazing, and the Incredible is nearly as good. If you want to stick with Verizon, I can't see anything wrong with getting the Incredible.

  5. I see no reason to not check out the newest stuff out. Having said that, I'm sure the Incredible will still be bad ass.

  6. My impatience may get the better of me if I can re-up my contract a little early and get the discount on a new phone now.

    I'm surprised I can still get about $100 out of my Voyager on eBay. That will help soften the blow of buying a new phone, and do nothing to help with my impatience .
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  7. FYI "Movies" is called Flixter (the icon is a popcorn bucket on a blue background). It says movies under the icon for whatever reason. Anyway, it's great as you can manage your Netflix list with it too. Check what's paying by you, trailers, what's coming soon on DVD and theatres. Fandango is great too, but it doesn't have Netflix integration.

    DroidLight- turns your LED flash on and off with one touch. It's awesome, the LED is super bright, it's come in handy a ton of time since I've had it.

    Backgrounds- a ton of categories, a ton of choices all fit the droid screen just right.

    AK Notepad- this gets updated a lot but it's great. Need to make a note of something real quick, it's easy to access and has a lot of sending options.

    In general just search for what you want in the marketplace (tip calculator, stocks, voice recorder, notepad, blackjack) and check out the highest related results. The best stuff is usually rated correctly and it'll fit what you need.

  8. Is there anything I can do about the 3 stage turn on process? Any time the screen shuts off I have to push the power button on the top, then swipe the bar down, then enter my passcode. It's annoying. I should only need to do 2 of these things at most.

    How about power profiles? If it's plugged in it should automatically turn on all the radios and decrease the update intervals for everything, but there isn't anything like that built in that I can see.

    Radiant Lite is a pretty cool shooter.

    Google Goggles is really cool, but I am still waiting for my first legitimate use of it. Mostly I just play around and take pics of stuff I already know just to see what comes up.

  9. You can try Screen Mode Widget lite. It gives you 3 options 1. act normally, 2. screen dims out but you just have to hit power to have it on again, 3. never dim. I used to use a different app that behaved the same way but I can't remember what it was called. For the most part it worked ok, I just got used to the unlock process.

    On a side note you might also want to try out Handcent SMS. It is a replacement messaging app. The one really cool feature about it though is that incoming texts pop up right on the sleeping phone's screen. You can also reply right from the little window that pops up all without having to go through the unlock phase.

  10. More Q from me! How do I keep from getting my email twice? What I mean is, if I get a new email on Hotmail or GMail and I read it on the computer then it's set as read, but on my phone it will still be unread until I read it there. Same thing happens with email I read on the phone first. It stays unread on the computer. I don't want to read all my email twice!


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