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Thread: Android Thread

  1. Hmm..if my computer picks up my email first (I have it set to check every 10 min), my phone isn't notified about new mail.

    So yeah, I don't have an answer to your question.

  2. I don't have an answer either since I only use my gmail account on my phone. I rarely go to gmail on my PC.

  3. Game recommendations from my Evo!

    ExZeus: Awesome flying robot shooter. Controls with motions from the phone, so it's kinda wonky. Otherwise, it's some fun. Very difficult to aim though.

    Mystique: Series of point n' click room escape style games with cheap, cheesy scare garbage. The free episode is a fraction of the size of the paid episodes.

    Zenonia: Zelda-ish Diablo thing with terrible sound. Still fun, though!

  4. All of the popular apps have been listed already but I would like to mention:

    WorldTour: A collection of live webcams of locations around the world that will update your background every few minutes or hours, depending on what you want.

    10001 Cocktails: I'm always in the store checking what I would like to make but always forget what is needed, now I don't forget.

    Gmote: Control your music library on your wireless network from your phone (or play it on your phone). Also can you use the screen as a mouse and type on your pc with the keyboard. Great for pranks!
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  5. Just type in "drinks" in the Marketplace. There are plenty of apps that do the same thing. I know that Bartender is similar.

  6. Google Listen is an app I have been looking for. You search and it will let you find/subscribe/stream all the Podcasts and other audio content on the internet. I set it up with all the ones I listen to easily.

  7. Greatest wallpaper ever...

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  8. That wallpaper is awesome. By the way, there is now a free Kindle app you can use to download Kindle books or tie to your existing account and have access to all of the books that are already on your Kindle.


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