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Thread: RGB monitors for old game consoles

  1. RGB monitors for old game consoles

    I'd like to play my old systems (Genesis, SNES, etc) with scart cables connected to an RGB monitor that can properly display them. I've been looking around, and apparently lots of computer monitors are RGB compatible, yet I've also read that they won't work with old videogames. What should I be looking for in an RGB monitor that will be used exclusively for old videogames?

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    Well, generally RGB monitors that you would find in the US don't use SCART connections, so you would have to build your own cables. A few years back a bunch of people were using old Commodore 64 monitors and getting a former member Matt to make cables for them.

    My advice? Get a good CRT with component video inputs, RGB Scart cables for any system you want, and an RGB to Component transcoder. It's the next best thing, you don't have to rig custom cables, and finding a TV is easy and cheap. It's kinda like the HDMI converter you were asking about before but without the resolution changing stuff that makes things a blurry mess.
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  3. I've only ever used Commodore 1084/1084S monitors for RGB. They're pretty good but not very big, and if you pay mre than $25 for one, you're getting screwed.
    Sony made a lot of nice professional monitors that accept RGB, and many of them have screen sizes that are 20" or more.

  4. I've got a 27" RGB monitor that you should buy from me. Shipping it will fuck your ass though.

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    I really should have paid more attention to those old government liquidation auctions that my dad went to in the 90s. The government would sell these things by the pallet. I could be making a killing now.

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    I've got a 27" RGB monitor that you should buy from me. Shipping it will fuck your ass though.
    How far are you from Connecticut, and how much does the monitor weigh?

  8. I live in Baltimore, and I would classify it as "pretty fucking heavy"

  9. And there is that whole "will get murdered" thing if you drive there and get it imho.
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