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Thread: Pens and Note Pads

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    Pens and Note Pads

    Do any of you guys know a anyone online that can do business pens and little post it note pads with company logos on them with a quick turn around? I need them in like ten days. 14 tops.


    but google isn't going to tell me if the turn around is really good. I need them to hand out at town event and getting them after a certain date would make the investment pointless.

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    I'd look for a local place, were I you. At any case, you're going to wind up with waaaaay more than you need.

    I like , but they're not going to be what you need, I don't think.

  3. Yeah, I'd second the local option. Especially with promo pieces like pens and a shirt turnaround.
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    Screenprinting/paper printing places will usually be able to drop ship smaller quantities of this kind of thing even if they don't do it on site, depends.

    They have a better relationship with the supplier than you do, so you might be able to wiggle smaller quantities out of it vs. online.

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    shirt turnaround.
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  5. I know a lot up here in Toronto / Canada. But with production and shipping it would be much more worth your time to take Yellerdog's advice and Yellowpage someone local and get them on the horn. That's what I do whenever I need a new product for a client. I do it like several times a month, usually.
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    Vistaprint can do pens and you could select 3 day shipping, but you will pay some serious coin if you need more than a few dozen. I didn't see post it notes anywhere on there.

    When I worked at OfficeMax, there were "Express" pen sets that would arrive in 5-7 business days. That would be pushing it though.
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    I looked online. There is a handful online that will do the pens. You can get a simple pen for like 33 cents each with a min order of 250. BUT my dad is the one who wants them and he is being a cheap ass. He doesn't want to pay a lot but he doesn't want shitty pens and he wants them in ten days.

    I called locally about the note pads. They want a 1$ a pad for business letter head on them. They can go eat dicks.

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    That might just be what shit costs, though.

  9. I am going to a rave next weekend would like to pass out gold plated pacifiers with my logo and masthead on them. I need to be directed towards a business that can supply a gross of about a thousand and have them ready by the weekend, and I don't want to pay more than $.45 a piece.
    Please be aware that I'm going to find some reason to shoot down any and all recommendations made.
    Thank you for your time.

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    is repeating what I said in some form the new in joke with you, SSJN? This is what, the 4th time you've done it in 2 weeks?

    Hey, I haven't shot down anything anyone has said. I did exactly what Yeller/Hero recommended. I called locally, got prices, found out what was available.

    No pens, over priced pads.

    Thats out of my hands. Dad doesn't want to pay a buck for notepads he is giving away, that is his business. I can see the justification for not wanting to hand a dollar to everyone.

    But 33 cents? Come on, give a little.


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