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Thread: Lego Is Awesome

  1. Anyone ever go to the Lego store outside Disney? The mecha and Sea Serpent are to coolest thing I've ever seen done with Lego(s).

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    Yeah. I've been there. I have pictures somewhere.

  3. Lego's are not acceptable to play with after the age 16, I think this is law.

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    Not Spartan law, not a law at all. Kill yourself.

  5. Drink more beer and put your lego's in your ass. Fag.

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    Life is short. Joy is fleeting.

    If a person can drop $15 on some plastic, combine it into shapes and other things that bring amusement, I say do it.

    200 years ago the same person would have been carving small horses out of drift wood. If he was really good at it, he might paint them and sell them to General Stores. The desire to craft little things is nothing new. At the very worse, people are lazier now and don't try to move on to more elaborate crafts like wood working or painting. But if you are doing it for fun, who gives a shit how lazy you are?

    *cough* I mean, lol at people making fun of people playing with legos on a fucking video game message board.

    "lol, you look at you with your legos. I'm going to go play doom."
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26 View Post

    "lol, you look at you with your legos. I'm going to go play Gears."



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