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Thread: Official Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, "New" 3DS, & "New" 2DS XL Thread.

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    Nintendo DS Official Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, "New" 3DS, & "New" 2DS XL Thread.

    Since this system will mark the first time Nintendo has ever had the best handheld on the market, it deserves its own thread. It will also allow the DS thread to die like that piece of shit deserves.

    1UP has a nice summary of the currently announced 3DS games.

    There is also a rumor that it may hit in October.

    Finally, here is "everything [else] we currently know".

    And this needs to be repeated until realized: Sega-developed F-Zero please.

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    Yoshi is hilarious.

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    What can I say? 3D is a weakness.

  4. Yeah but this isn't going to be the same 3D you like so much...not that it's bad, but y'know

  5. Any bets on how long it'll take Yoshi to decide 3DS is the worst thing ever?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gohron View Post
    I like doing stuff with animals and kids

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    I don't know, but he'll buy two of 'em to make sure!

  7. Wasn't the best thing about the DS all the 2D games? Just sayin'... Not that this doesn't look like a fun toy.

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    Publishers have figured out that 2D sells as downloadable console games, so that value is gone. The 3DS finally does something that a console can't: glasses-less 3D. So it's not just fucking up games that should be on consoles. It can actually add something new and potentially good.

  9. I saw a video of Nintendo talking about the motion sensor and how they're going to use it, and I really think it's the worst possible idea for a 3D console, because you always have to keep your head lined up not only to the viewing angle, but keeping it "level" with your head (i.e. if you tilt it diagonally, you'll lose the 3d). Those two technologies seem incompatible. I don't know what they're thinking. Obviously, like the touch screen, developers will eventually figure out it's useless and ignore it, but it seems like a waste.

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    Motion sensor games can fuck off. This thing will be good for analog controlling 3D games, especially racing and Star Fox/Panzer Dragoon types.

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