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Thread: Tell us about your local favorites

  1. Tell us about your local favorites

    Bigtime music sucks. Major labels as well as most of the bands that succumb to them can kiss my entire nutsack. It is unfortunate that these labels and acts can so easily get exposure for their crappy schlockass garbage and literally thousands of bands that work their fingers to the bones can barely get a show at their local American Legion hall. Let's talk about some of these bands. The street level, blue collar type acts that are perpetuated only for love because the money is never going to come.

    Sleep Capsule
    These guys got started in the big 'grunge' heyday and have stayed together for about 18 years now. Killer 'indy' type sound.

    Stone Axe
    The classic rock brainchild of T Dallas Reed (formerly of the Treepeople) and the pride of the peninsula. One of the most polished live acts in town.

    Pierced Arrows
    Fred and Toody Cole are approaching 70 years of age and have been touring with their garage rock act (formerly known as Dead Moon) for 30+ years. I don't care if they're from Portland. They're important up here.

    The Valley
    The Valley is now defunct but I thought they were the best band in town. Dan was a founding member of Ancient Warlocks before moving on to do his own thing (more along the lines of The Valley) called Mopper. Mopper may or may not be permanent which is why I have it listed under the Valley.

    High Class Wreckage
    This is Shakey's awesome rock band. Hopefully I need say no more.

    Zeke are the all time kings of Seattle.

    The Spits
    And The Spits are the all time kings of all what is punk.

    The sons of famous rockers. They've been playing together since they were 15 (they're like 20 now or something) and would seem to enjoy Fu Manchu at least as much as I do.

    Ape City
    My favorite local two piece. Garage rock.

    The Primate Five
    One of our oldest and best garage bands. These guys dress up like apes and play rock n roll. They rule so much.

    Neon Nights
    Captains of the 'party rock' scene. Loud and fast. Great band.

    Tell us about your local favorites. Please keep it down to a respectable level. I'm from Seattle. I'm not coming in here to tell you about Fleet Foxes or Pearl Jam. Everybody already knows about that stuff and it's not what this thread is for.
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  2. I've been flat out assaulting you guys with news about these two for years.


    Dead Mechanical
    Great live band, great on recordings too. Very Baltimore if that means anything to you. Two full lengths, and a number of seven inches are out there for you to buy.

    Sick Sick Birds
    I don't know how to describe this band, really. Post-Something or other I guess. Anyway, they're pretty great. They can also cook a mean burger.

  3. Baltimore Calling. That's funny.
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  4. Greenville has no good music scene.
    Boo, Hiss.

  5. #5
    Okkervil River - After 10 years, they're still putting out great albums. Maybe only getting better.

    Shearwater - An offshoot of Okkervil River. Post-rock, sometimes fairly ambient.

    The Sword

    Riverboat Gamblers

  6. I'm from Iowa.



    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.

  7. I'm not talking about famous ones or even semifamous ones. I mean like local bands that play at local bars because that's the best shows they can get. I'm sure Iowa has bands like that. Just sayin. I know you've been in Miyazaki and all. Any local music down there? My friend from there says he was in several bands when he was younger.

    Quote Originally Posted by icarusfall View Post
    Greenville has no good music scene.
    On the one hand this is believable. But considering that it's coming from you I think I'd like a second opinion.

  8. For the record, Slipknot was a local band, playing in local clubs, and self-promoting for about four years, before getting to a major label.
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  9. Many bands are that. But this thread is about right now. Not whenever those four years took place.

  10. Oh. Well, I'm pretty sure music is illegal in Iowa.

    Locally, I like Hayes Carll, but he just went major. Dallas doesn't have a great rock scene, so I go to the internet.
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