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Thread: Fable II new shipped for $14

  1. Xbox 360 I Fable II new shipped for $14

    So, I picked up Fable II Platinum Edition the other day at Target for $10 new, but then decided that I'm never really going to play it ever. So, before I take it back, I wanted to see if anybody on here would want it instead. $14 totally shipped, let me know.
    WARNING: This post may contain violent and disturbing images.

  2. You get the same experience as playing Fable by stabbing your eyeballs.

  3. At least you have an interesting story to tell after you stab your eyeballs. And for one split second, you get to see something that most people don't.

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    I'll take it 'Doshi if you're still offering. I ended up giving my copy to my brother for his bachelor party (awesome gift, right?), and I never got the DLC so I would love to pick that one up.

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    Forgot to mention that this went in the mail a couple days ago, or maybe I did mention it, but either way I'm mentioning it now. You should most likely have it tomorrow.

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