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Thread: Free books if you live near me

  1. Free books if you live near me

    Anyone want some sci-fi/fantasy books for free (Brooklyn)? I have about 30-50 books I am going to trash, so I am hoping someone will come and pick them up. Authors include Stephen King, Asimov, Feist, Jack Vance, Donaldson, Gene Wolfe, Joe Hill, Neal Stephenson, etc.

    If you want them just PM me.
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  2. Take them to goodwill, jerk.

  3. I will take them to Salvation Army if no takers. They are right behind my apartment.

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    throw them in a box and ship them to me media mail. It's the least you can do for me after all those Eye of Judgment cards I gave you and free beer that you didn't drink. I'll cover shipping.

  5. Shipping will be a killer though. That, and the fact that I do not have time to go to PO.

  6. you'll make time, and you'll do so with a smile.

  7. And media mail won't run more than $12 or so.
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  8. I am talking 4 to 5 big boxes of books, probably 30+ pounds each. I have a job where I don't get home till 7pm every night so I don't have time to ship them out. If you don't understand this then really not much more I can say. If you don't live close to me STFU plz.
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