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Thread: Computer Problems - Need a Hand

  1. Computer Problems - Need a Hand

    The girl brought her laptop by - it has some kind of virus that I've never seen or dealt with before. As soon as the system starts (Win Vista) I get all these windows popping up saying that all her software - IE, firefox, et al - can't run because their files are infected. Then Vista has its own system popup that says a remote attack is being attempted via a file. When it asks "do you want to run antivirus?" it always takes you to a page for AntiVir, asks to download. Looks like she already did but it's just a 'trial' version that shows her comp is fucked up, but she needs to pay for AntiVir to fix it.

    I figure going online through it is a bust - no programs will execute. So I figured on taking some rootkit killers and other tools I have over on a flash drive...but Windows won't recognize it (again, says the file needed to run the installer is infected).

    So I'm at a real loss. I've dealt with a few issues on my own system, but nothing as pervasive and debilitating as this. Any ideas?
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  2. That trial AntiVir app is probably the virus that you just keep installing. Can you try and start it in safe mode and run a real antivirus program like AVG (which you can get for free)?
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  3. format, reinstall

  4. Here's what I did:

    1) Ran System Restore before Windows booted.
    2) That seemed to get rid of the anti vir virus, so ran in Safe mode and grabbed malwarebytes and MS Security Essentials.
    3) Ran full scan MSSE, then quick scan on it and malwarebytes
    4) Restarted, ran a bootkit killer.
    5) restarted, ran MSSE and MBAM quick scan
    6) Started in normal mode, works fine...told her not to download or click on anything that's unsolicited antivirus software. Told her the better option would be a full reformat, but she wants to get her photos and music off it first.
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    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.

  5. don't rely on system restore as smart viruses can attach themselves to restore points, making rolling back pointless

  6. Whats the latest best way to get rid of those msn messenger hijackers? you know, the "Hey is this you in this virus infected link?" type. I've got a lady friend who succumbed to her gender's naivety and clicked it, and now i'm the one to fix it.

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    format, reinstall

  8. Fire.

  9. Defriend her from facebook, delete phone number and never talk to her again.


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