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Thread: assorted games for various system

  1. assorted games for various system

    These games were just some I recently pulled from my collection because I have doubles.
    In the near future I plan to post a lot of stuff on eBay, but for now feel free to make offers.

    MegaCD (JPN)
    Anet Futatabi ~ Case: B+, Manual: B+, Disc: A-

    The Red Star ~ Case: A, Manual: A, Disc: A

    Cyborg009 The Block Kuzushi (JPN Simple2000 Vol.15) ~ Case: A-, Manual: A, Disc: A, Spine: A
    Q-Bert (US) ~ Case: B, Manual: A-, Disc: A

    Shingata Kururin Pa! ~ Case: B, Manual: C+, Disc: B
    Gun Frontier, Arcade Gears ~ Case: B, Manual: A-, Disc: A-

    I am also selling the following items, but have yet to dig them out of storage. Make an offer on any of them and I can get them ready to ship right away!
    Everything is in good used condition and complete unless noted.
    Legend of Arcadia Prima guide
    Bangaioh (N64)
    StarCraft 64 (US version) box is little rough
    Hori Gameboy Player Controller (purple) Brand New never used. Box crushed slightly.

    sold YuYu Hakusho (no manual) (Mega Drive ~ Treasure)
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  2. No offense, but $5-10 games don't need individual grading for case/manual/disc.

  3. Always a critic

  4. What's Cyborg 009 Block Kuzushi like? I have Block Kuzushi 2 and that shit is straight fuckin' gangsta. Would you say Cyborg's gangsta level is comparable?

  5. Sorry, I'm not versed in the gangster scale.
    Cyborg 009 is a different animal than Block Kuzushi 2. This one was developed by Bandai (or "access" ?) all the other Block Kuzushi games were developed by Tamsoft.

    Cyborg plays pretty straight forward. You get to choose one of the 9 cyborgs and each paddle has different characteristics and each cyborg has a unique special ability. The special abilities are powered up by your combo meter.
    The paddle just moves left to right. The X button makes the paddle pulse red which can allow you to put a mean spin on the ball, if you do this successfully and the trailing blur glows red, the ball will be able to smash right through blocks that otherwise take multiple hits. The triangle button acts as a tilt to shake the playfield, this is very effective to change the ball's angle and velocity.

    After choosing a character, you then choose to play Easy, Medium, or Hard. You fly around the globe to one of the 9 cyborg locations and then play through 3 boards, and then advance to the next location.
    On easy you start with 30 balls and there really is almost no challenge. Medium appears to be the same board layouts, but a neat gimmick is employed where the screen is only illuminated in an area around the ball. Probably like 2/3 of the screen is visible, so it isn't frustrating or annoying or anything. Hard also uses this flashlight on the ball gimmick, but also starts right off with some tricky boards, as well as only providing 5 balls.
    There is also what seems to be a Story Mode and an Arcade mode, but the only difference I can discern is the extra text screens.
    There are definitely a bunch of nuances I don't fully realize or understand about the game. I'm sure reading Japanese would help.

    If you're interested, how about $18 shipped?

    btw, if you're looking for gangster Breakout clones, try Hello Kitty Block Kuzushi on PS1, it came out after Block Kuzushi 2, and is even more dope.

  6. yo buy my shit dog.


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