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Thread: NHL11 (Sports GOTY)

  1. NHL11 (Sports GOTY)

    Fuck Madden. Seriously, stick your tiny dick in that disc and get this instead.

    Looking amazing, who is in this year? C'mon Yoshi.

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    Hardly as appealing as the Genesis games.

  3. Please... This is easily the best sports franchise out there. It's gameplay improves year after year. Besides, I'm pretty sure that you can have your controls set up like the Genesis games(3 button). I'd really like to see a online fantasy mode in this game. That could be alot of fun.

    Also, Yoshi doesn't play multiplayer unless its some lame MMO. He don't wanna see the truth with my Pens.

  4. I have to try harder to play NHL online w/TNL.

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    My buying this is 100% up to EA. They always make Madden region free and then lock this, because they're EA and have to fuck something up. If it's still locked, I'll see you in Gears 3 in April.

  6. From what I've read the new animation looks great but is badly implemented. The good is that the bodies react more realistically when hit. The bad is that as of the last build there are no sliders for how strong the hits are in single player. For whatever reason it defaults to every hit being like a semi and there are several injuries per game. Also for whatever reason they dialed it down for the offline mode. Why there are no sliders for it is anyones guess.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Changeling View Post
    Also, Yoshi doesn't play multiplayer unless its some lame MMO. He don't wanna see the truth with my Pens.
    Actually, with all the stupid attribute "boosts" they added last year, the online is a lame MMO.

    And unfortunately, boosts are already confirmed to be back again this year.

  8. I fucking hate your new name weeman, every time I see it I feel like I need to go check for spam in a thread.

  9. Boost are super fucking lame, but I still play versus against people. Also, I almost called weeman a noob lol.

  10. I'm in for sure cause I'm not a little bitch like Yoshi. Also, I heard there were sliders in single, but no adjusting for online.


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