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Thread: Street Fighter x Tekken(2D) (aka: DLC: The Game)/Tekken x Street Fighter(3D)

  1. Quote Originally Posted by kedawa View Post
    Playmore sucks hard and can't do anything right other than recycling the shit they inherited from a real game developer.
    They can't even do that right. Every compilation they release either disallows the ideal control scheme or has lag. I've never seen such an incompetent dev team.

    As for not one but two Capcom vs. Namco fighting games? Sign me the fuck up. I'll take my fighting games however I can get them these days. I just hope the 2D Capcom vs. Namco game isn't loaded with Tekken characters. We all know the 3D Namco vs. Capcom game will be.

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    You ever actually play SVC Chaos? Jesus fuckin' Cristo they screwed that thing up. THE worst controls of any fighting game that doesn't have clay characters or CGI robots in it.

    Guile's hair is AMAZING though. The whole game looks like goddamn Rob Liefield drew the character designs.
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  3. That's not fair. They have feet.

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    Imagine a layer of little hills in front of the ground plane.

    oh hey

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  5. It's that time again.

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  6. pffffffffffft

  7. Quote Originally Posted by NeoZeedeater View Post
    Namco's got lots of great characters when you look outside their fighting games.
    I guess so, but compared to what Capcom has, Namco's character roster is still pretty anaemic.
    If a Namco vs Capcom fighting game does get developed, I would expect most of the Namco roster to be made up of Tekken and SC folks.
    I just don't like what Namco has done with the last two Soul Calibur games, and Tekken has very few compelling characters.

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    Pacman vs Roll. Shit will be epic.

  9. ouji imo

  10. My 2D Namco fighting game character wishlist.
    Pac Land Pac Man is obvious
    Bravo Man
    Dig Dug
    Three headed dragon from Dragon Spirit (boss character)
    The Prince from Katamari
    A Metal Marine
    Mr. Driller. Maybe he can tag team with Dig Dug.
    Reiko Nagase
    Leila, Albatross, and a Masker
    Samurai Ghost
    Rick with mask

    Since I can't think of any proper 2D fighting games that they ever made, I'll accept 2D versions of Voldo, Knightmare, Yoshimitsu, Ivy, and Sophitia.
    Plus whatever Tekken characters the people seem to like.

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