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Thread: quickest way to duplicate a dvd on a mac?

  1. quickest way to duplicate a dvd on a mac?

    I don't use a mac for a whole lot, so if anyone can recommend the quickest way to clone a dvd (that doesn't have copy protection/ isn't commercial) that would be rad.

    I'm going to search around but I have a limited amount of time!

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    Mac the Ripper 2.66 to Roxio Toast was how we were doing it five years ago?

    Mac the Ripper was mainly to strip protections, but we were using it to trade copies of a "Spaced" bootleg to one another.

  3. Thanks man! Seems to be working.

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  5. A cheaper solution is Apple's own Disk Utility. You can put a CD/DVD in, then do File > New > Disk Image From "[disc name]", make a disc image of it, and then burn that disc image to a new blank CD/DVD.
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