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Thread: Looking to buy a netbook need suggestions

  1. Looking to buy a netbook need suggestions

    I want to buy a netbook because my laptop is too big/no battery life but they all seem kind of the same. So I just wanted to ask if there is one/brand in particular that I should get. I really liked the feel of the samsung ones but I've heard they can be pretty slow. Any suggestions?

  2. there's a thread for netbooks but it probably fell into disuse and is a few years old info-wise, but yeah in general they're all pretty much the same so just look for whatever the newest model by your favourite brand is

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    Go to some stores and play with some display models. The hardware is largely the same, but screens and keyboards are different. I picked an hp simply because it had the most comfortable keyboard, most of the others were to small.

  4. Keyboard is the most important factor. The Samsung model was the only one I liked personally.
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