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Thread: Minecraft

  1. Well, shit.

    Lily was already asking for Minecraft Wii U.

  2. what a difference this could have made 4 years ago...

  3. Anyone still play this? Is there a TNL server up? I went to my uncle's house yesterday and him and his son were playing minecraft so they showed me all the stuff they built. He showed me this hobbit house he made and said he downloaded the exact replica map online, printed it out and made the whole thing to spec, I was like omfg you're such a dork LOL

    But yeah, now I want to play because you can breed cats and shit and I never played after they added all that stuff.

  4. Bah! The Super Duper Graphics Pack was canceled because "we arenít happy with how the pack performed across devices." I've got no idea if that means mobile didn't match a good PC, but that's what it sounds like. I can't imagine a halfway decent PC would have had a problem with what Mojang was planning.

  5. The aquisition of Mojang was $2.5 billion and they can't figure out how to make a graphics pack.

    That's incredible.

  6. Also in 2010 I was like "Notch has already made $7.5 million on this game no one should be shaming people who pirate it for hurting his pocket book".

    If only we knew then that he would be worth $1.6 BILLION less than a decade later, even Dave wouldn't be like "he had to hire people and make a business".


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