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    Minecraft is just too damn much fun not to have a thread for. Post a screenshot or two, I want to see what you've built.

    My world at night- home base tower in the middle, bridge on the right, lavafall aqueduct on the left. Waterfall over a cliff with a cave, emanating from a fountain in the middle background. Plus a pile of other projects elsewhere out of the shot.

    Click for full size

    Fun discovery- if you want to make your aqueduct look a bit weathered, maybe have a hole or two in it, be careful of starting a forest fire with the lava runoff. It's especially fun when zombies catch on fire and spread the burning around.

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    How'd you do the lavafall? Did you find a lava flow that high?

    Here's my underwater dome, by the way:
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  3. Lots and lots of buckets, combined with digging a series of deep shafts that also intersected some nice tunnels, and a lava flow from way up at the top of a mountain. The aqueduct is stupidly (obsessively) long and 3/4 full of lava. I only did the end out of order because I wanted to test an idea about making the lava flow properly. Took some doing but I'm happy with the result. Just a pile more buckets to haul and it's complete.

    Click for full size

    For some reason, Cartograph renders a good amount of the lava green.

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  4. I could post a shot of what I've been building but I've given up on construction while I look around in underground caverns. That and I'm considering restarting to make a harbor area instead.

    BTW, F11 switches to fullscreen.

  5. Ed, can you please explain to me what this game is about?
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    Minecraft is entirely unique. Crafting, construction, farming, exploration, survival. It's also very open-ended since there's no win condition yet. The random world generator itself is pretty amazing too. Floating islands, oceans, mountains, natural caverns, monster dungeons, etc.

    The idea is to make a house so the monsters who come out at night won't eat you. The fun is in making an AWESOME house. Construction is easy; you can break and place blocks at will, so long as you have the materials to do so. You get blocks/tools/boats/minecarts/jukeboxes by destroying existing blocks and monsters and combining the stuff at a workbench.

    For something that looks so primative, it's surprisingly atmospheric. There really isn't anything like exploring the world and caves below.

    This sold me on the game in the first place:

    There are two versions at the moment: The old (but free) classic version and the in-development alpha (~$13, soon to go up in price). Classic is very different and not nearly as rad IMO. Both are playable in your browser and there's a standalone client for the alpha version.

    Notch (the developer) usually updates the game through the week with a special secret update every Friday. Multiplayer was just enabled but it's still pretty buggy.
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    I just dicked around with it for 20 mins or so. I'm fairly amazed that anyone would want to spend more time with it than that, but to each their own, I guess.

  8. Takes an hour or so after you've built up, gone exploring, and faced a few nights of monsters for the game to get good.
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  9. Yeah, I'd say it takes about an hour to get settled. I posted this in the PC thread:

    As soon as you spawn, start beating up tree trunks. You'll need to keep the mouse button held longer for these than you would for dirt or sand. Anyway, get a ~dozen pieces of wood, open your inventory and place the stack into the upper left combination slot. This makes lumber. Make enough lumber so that you can place 1 lumber in each of the 4 combination slots. This makes a workbench and you'll need it to make just about everything else.

    Keep this in a separate window and you can figure out the rest pretty quickly:

  10. Someone should post their IP for survival multi


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