I'd prefer not to go the Ebay/Amazon route, so I'm gonna offer this guy here and see if any one wants one.

Compaq H3850 IPAQ.

Factory Sealed. Has a built in screen protective cover, 64MB of RAM/ROM (adjustable between storage and program memory), built in SD media slot, beautiful screen that displays up 64K colors. Built in voice recording capability and MP3 player (Windows Media Player), and a lot of other features. I can throw in some cool software (Pocket Kana Buddy, Pocket Divx for playing movies/trailers, Pocket Doom) if you like.

I'm asking $500 + shipping. I will warn you: these things are addictive. You can buy more attachments for this than you would believe. Money order or check only please. I'm not a big fan of Pay Pal. If you have any questions or are interested, please email me @ wolffen@mindspring.com . Thanks!