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Thread: Video Card Dead?

  1. Video Card Dead?

    So that's what I get if I don't have my win7 install disc in the drive.

    It looks like my system always wants to boot from the disc, I've seen editbcd and have no idea what to do with it. Help me not have to have this fucking disk in the drive every time I reboot.


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    Did you change the bios boot order to default to CD and not have the HDD as #2 and then forget to change it back?

  3. Did you delete your system32 folder?
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  4. Your boot registry is corrupt. Load from the disc, choose to install Win7 on your HDD but instead of choosing a fresh install see if you have the option to repair. Oftentimes this takes like a second for it to repair the boot registry. Reboot, try again.

  5. When I do what trial says it says the only windows install it finds is on the disc. Which is odd because I'm using windows now.

    I have my hdd being after the dvd, I guess I can switch that.

  6. boot into a command prompt off your windows disc (it'll be recovery console or something like that) and run this


  7. Went in the bios, looked at the HDD boot order after selecting it to be 1st. My correct drive was 3rd on the list.

    Fixed that issue.

  8. Since August is the official month of my computer fucking me, I woke up to find my monitors blank while my computer was running. I turned off my rig and turned it back on, no activity. I didn't have time to do some legit troubleshooting but I'm assuming that the gpu is dead (It's an older card)... so that brings me to, find me something comparable to my BFG 8800gtoc. I loved this card

  9. That could really be a lot of things. Usually when a video card goes you get a beep code. Is it booting up or just turning on?

  10. I get nothing, just blank screens. I can hear it start to boot, and I assume it's going through the process.


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