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Thread: Random Battles! Come draw some and play along.

  1. Random Battles! Come draw some and play along.

    Back in school amidst my notes I would doodle these battles. I didn't really draw a battle per se, just the portraits or avatars of two creatures, characters, or interesting objects. ____ vs. ____. Then I would think about who would win. These would generally be pretty inane, and it amused me enough that I kept making them. I started passing my notebook off to buddies in my class to circle or indicate who they thought would win. Eventually other people started making them too. We had them up in my old dorm hall and people would walk by and vote on who they thought would win. It was fun, it really seemed to catch on.

    I'd talked about turning this into some sort of website for a long time, but never really did anything with the idea until recently when I was prodded by a friend. cka was awesome and hero'd up some code for me, and now, basically, I have a website for this. I need to get some people to play, though!

    I'm not done with the site, but everything should function. After registering (takes like one second, no e-mail or bs) it will let you comment on battles, vote for who you think would win in battles, and submit your own. It's silly, but kind of fun. You don't have to be an artist to submit battles by any means... I have the artistic ability of an 8 year-old, I think. As long as it looks like you put a bit of thought into it and aren't spamming the site with stick figures, I'd love it if anyone decided to contribute and play along. For anyone that wants to make one, there are several uploaded already to use as examples or for inspiration. There is a form on the site to submit them.

    These should be drawn or created by you, it doesn't really matter what the medium is, as long as you're making the picture. If you don't want to make any of your own you can still vote/comment.

    It's a little bit useless in its current state, but if I can get a lot of people to start participating I think it could be pretty awesome.

    Well. Let's see how this goes.
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