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Thread: trying to upgrade from ubuntu to windows 7, how?

  1. trying to upgrade from ubuntu to windows 7, how?

    My computer refuses to go to the boot menu so I don't know what to do. Whenever i just open the disc its a bunch of files that don't do anything. Anyone know anything about ubuntu and how to upgrade?

  2. Put disc in tray, reboot computer, press F8 (or whatever) early to get boot menu way before Ubuntu or even Gnome starts, choose to boot from CD.

  3. That doesn't work, like I said it's refusing to go to the boot menu.

  4. Check bios to make sure boot options are enabled. May need to update bios. Try mashing whatever your boot menu key is multiple times immediately on startup.

    Honestly never not been able to get to a boot menu. Uhh, got a floppy disk handy?

  5. wouldn't happen to know where the bios on ubuntu are would you?

  6. BIOS isn't part of the operating system, you get to it the same way as the boot menu but with a different key (F2?).

  7. hit whatever button lets you select the boot device (usually its one of the latter F-keys) when your PC is doing its bios check just after you start it, from there select your dvd drive and install windows 7

    you should back up anything you want to keep, too, because you simply can't "upgrade" in the common sense of the word -- you'll have to format your hard disk and install windows from scratch

    edit: as soon as you see text on your screen after powering your pc on, you can hit the oft-neglected 'pause' on your keyboard to pause the screen and look for instructions on opening the boot menu (it'll probably say something like "HIT Fx FOR BBS POPUP" where x is function key #, F11 is the key on my mobo's bios)
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  8. It's looking like I'll be doing the same thing later on today or tomorrow. I hope it's not a hassle.

  9. I can not get to the bios to save my life, It straight up ignores the F12 and F2 commands. I looked up how to do it and people seemed to have luck holding down the esc key and eventually an error message that brought you to the bios came up. This never happened, it made a horrible beep sounds and did nothing and then when I let go it booted up normally. This fucking sucks. What should I do?

  10. did you hit pause while the bios was doing its thing checking ram and disks and the like? I'm 90% positive (the 10% is assuming you have quickboot and/or boot logo enabled in your bios) somewhere on that screen it'll tell you what to hit to load the boot selection menu so you can boot off the dvd drive and install windows


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