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Thread: Enter The Void

  1. Enter The Void

    From Film maker Gaspar No (Irreversible, I stand Alone), Enter The Void is about a man in Japan who gets shot dead and comes back as a ghost to look over his sister. It's said to be like an acid trip on film, with some of the most beautiful and surreal photography ever seen in a movie. Its largely shot in either first person or over the protagonists shoulder, which further adds to the films dream like state.

    This is my most anticipated film of the year. Reviews have been mixed, from being praised as our generations 2001, to being damned as overly long, pretentious and linear horseshit. It seems to me like its gonna be right up my alley, and the handful of people I know that have seen it all loved it immensely (some of whom had to take a break due to motion sickness lol).

    It gets a limited release this month I think so check it out if it looks like your cup of tea. I have tickets to see it next friday and will post my impressions then.
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  2. This flick looks rad, been following the updates since April. Supposedly, IFC bought the rights, so maybe we get a Criterion release??? I still need to check out Noe's I Stand Alone.

  3. Looks good. I'll watch it.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by D_N_G View Post
    I still need to check out Noe's I Stand Alone.
    It's not for everyone but you'll be hard pressed to find a darker film.

  5. I'd definitely like to see this. I have a friend who's in love with it, and we're typically on the same page when it comes to this sort of thing.

  6. Just came back from a screening of this. I'm at a loss for words. This movie is unlike any other movie before it. There are shots and effects in this film that I have no fucking idea how they did without a $100,000,000 budget. To think that this was made for the same amount as Disturbia blows my fucking mind. The plot is straight forward and linear yet told in a very wild way. Its slow paced but necessarily so for the story to play out. I really loved this film, but more than just loving it i think it should be heralded as an artistic masterpiece and a triumph in film making, with 2001 and Citizen Kane its contemporaries. Fucking see it.


  8. I saw it the other day. There are a number of flaws, but to cite them would almost be a disservice to the movie's brilliance in direction, editing and cinematography. So many other movies tell different stories the exact same way, so it's important to make light of EtV's achievements.

    Unlike another popular dream-based film released this year, EtV created a wildly imaginative and authentic dream-like (and hallucinatory) experience. The camera and editing tells the story and expresses as much emotion as the (unconvincing and amateur) actors. I liked when the rollercoaster ride transitioned to the car accident, and when Oscar imaginied that he survived death and cremation. I've seen movies with a similar theme (Jacob's Ladder comes to mind), but EtV's ambition makes it stand above the rest.

    Dumb trivia: Last year I stayed in a hotel (a very nice hotel-- unlike the movie's gritty red-light district setting) in Shinjuku, where most of the movie was filmed. I walked along the same path that Oscar and Alex did on the way to the fictional 'Void' pub, and stayed exactly across the street from that building.
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  9. I'm glad you liked it. I wouldn't call all the acting bad, Paz De La Huerta is pretty great in it, the biggest offender was Nathaniel Brown as Oscar but its not really much of an issue considering how the movie plays out.

    This has a french special edition release on 1st december, with a A4 44-page Artbook, blu-ray and DVD, a DVD of bonus features and a 40x60cm Movie Poster. I'm getting it asap.

    Also, if you want to watch the rip floating about on the net, for your own good, watch it in the dark.


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