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Thread: The Witness - Jonathan Blow's New Game

  1. The Witness - Jonathan Blow's New Game

    Official site:

    Kotaku sucks but they've got video and impressions from the PAX demo here.

    Artwork and exploratory, puzzle-focused gameplay style are reminiscent of Rand brothers' iconic early '90s adventure game, MYST. I have little doubt it will take on its own identity before release, still at least a year away.

    And after Braid, I will be there day one. With bells on.

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  2. This link is in the Kotaku article as well, but here is Jonathan Blow's blog entry about Witness secretly being at PAX this past weekend.

    The screen shots and concept sound nifty for this. I'm not going to give it a free pass simply because Blow is making it (no one gets that free ticket anymore), but I'd be up for trying a demo if it does hit XBLA.

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    I love Braid and Myst, so I'm pretty much sold.

  4. Looks very promising. Braid was great, and I appreciate that Blow is using its success to do something totally different.

    Makes me want an updated realMyst. Plus Riven and 3. For home consoles with an epic budget. That comes on a disc in a box.

  5. Holy shit, this PS4 launch window game finally has a release date: January 26th, 2016.

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    Sony should have gotten this moved to VR if it was going to slide that far.

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    I like the Zoe Keating cello music they've got in the trailer. I really don't care for Myst (or Braid) that much but they're certainly making a very pretty update to it.
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  8. Can't say I'm too surprised to see The Witness clocking in at $39.99. I hope when the site is back on its feet it comes with an announcement of a physical edition.

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    I love Compass's optimism of "at least a year away" in 2010.

  10. $40 for Legendary Hack Developer Jonathan Blow's love letter to Myst and Pipe Dreams.


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