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Thread: Final Fantasy XIV

  1. Quote Originally Posted by FirstBlood View Post
    A couple of my friends are getting way too excited for this game. I feel bad for them. Apparently there's some hilarious diminishing returns on leveling where you make less & less xp the longer you play. Amazing.
    A MMORPG that discourages people from playing? LOL

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Square
    Get a real hobby. Fags.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by general_tao View Post
    Well I started playing the open beta a bit. It is definitely a console game, the mouse/keyboard controls are fucking disgustingly bad. Graphics are purty though. I do miss the question marks over npcs with quests. More to come later.
    They refuse to allow keyboard shortcuts for abilities, which is horrible and how it was in FFXI. Plug in a dual-analog controller or just don't bother.

    What server you running on?

  4. I can't play the demo cause I don't have Windows XP SP3

  5. What the fuck are you running, Windows 98?

  6. Almost every single impression of this game seems to be negative so far.

  7. more like 3.1
    He's into the "mature" scene.

  8. I had no idea this was that close to launch. I'll give the beta a shot later tonight.
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  9. Lindblum, Baratheon Tao
    I'm always right, even when I'm wrong I'm right.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by StriderKyo View Post
    Almost every single impression of this game seems to be negative so far.

    I want, so badly, to like an MMO Final Fantasy. Especially, and I need to stress especially, one that I could casually play because the raiding scene is not the same as it is in WoW. I thought this might have something for me, but it just seems so... not fun.


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