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Thread: Final Fantasy XIV

  1. Final Fantasy XIV

    So a rampant fronting castaway wanted me to post this thread since he can't make threads yet (wtf @ that btw).

    Go nuts Robby.

  2. Cant make threads = no spammers registering to make threads you noob fucker.

  3. Maybe he should've posted more in the SH4LYFE thread.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by MechDeus View Post
    Maybe he should've posted more in the SH4LYFE thread.
    He should have.


  6. A couple of my friends are getting way too excited for this game. I feel bad for them. Apparently there's some hilarious diminishing returns on leveling where you make less & less xp the longer you play. Amazing.

  7. I heard something like you stop getting XP after 8 hours of play in one week.

  8. It's to stop the lolasiandeaths.

  9. In a nutshell: most non-crazy people won't notice anything about leveling, they will likely never see the limiters. However, if you play for sixteen straight hours of focused xp grinding in one day for one class you'll "run out" of xp to earn for the week. Once you hit eight hours of total active earning xp then diminishing returns start to kick in, and by sixteen you get zero xp for what you're doing. When you're not playing, that limited amount begins to regenerate itself, so if you're only playing for a few hours a day you'll likely never even know it's there (and that's actual earning, not time spent running around the city licking the sides of buildings and rubbing your crotch against the auction house).

    From what I've read people seem a little confused on whether that applies to just one class at a time or all of them total (since like FFXI you have one character that can swap between every class in the game), but random translations of developer blogs tends to have that effect.

  10. Well I started playing the open beta a bit. It is definitely a console game, the mouse/keyboard controls are fucking disgustingly bad. Graphics are purty though. I do miss the question marks over npcs with quests. More to come later.

    P.S. Also, I can't even go into my profile settings nor create new threads
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