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Thread: Building an console based arcade

  1. Building an console based arcade

    Seems like it could be a pretty cool project to do in the future but just wanted to see if any one has done it or know people that have. The two consoles I was thinking of using is either the Dreamcast (I finally got an emulator to work on it) or the original Xbox (having a hdd is probably the better choice).

    I've seen a few cool ones online and just recently saw someone selling an arcade stand on craigslist with a high end pc inside using Hyperspin but that looks a little out of my league right now.
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  2. I did something like this when I was in high school. I bought and old arcade cab from the corner store for $40, and then gutted it and put my tv and PSX in it. It was nothing fancy, and I just had controllers sitting on the joystick panel.
    I still regret not finishing my Halo cab. I got the joystick panel finished, using some old flight sticks that I hacked to work with an XBOX controller pcb, and started working on the cabinet art, but then I had to abandon the whole project when I moved to toronto.

  3. I had a DC hooked up in my arcade cab for a long time.


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