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Thread: Calendar options.

  1. Calendar options.

    I have a client that uses both BB's and iPoops... and any other phone that can connect. They want to use a client that has a solid calendar program that can update to the phone. Lotus Notes which they use is ghastly outdated and incompatible.

    Any suggestions?

    Shared calendars is a must.

    (Exchange is not a option)

  2. Google Calendar.

  3. Google calendar isn't an app on the BB, it just takes you to the website.

  4. Hurp a derp you set up google calendar to sync with your calendar app of choice.

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    Lotus Notes can sync with both Blackberry and iPhone.

    edit: A quick Google tells me that it works with Android now too.
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  6. I setup Google Calendar for them before as a test and although the shared calendars work like they should the lawyers don't like it.

  7. Make them like it. You can do it.


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