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Thread: Game Center

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    Game Center

    I think it's time to convert the OpenFeint ID to a Game Center ID, unless there is demand to have both.
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  2. OpenFeint isn't going away, is it? I don't see any harm in having both of them.

  3. At least, not just yet!

    But yeah. We need a Game Center field.
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  4. I was thinking the same thing today. Do it!

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    Bump for cka thawing out soon and being able to do this.

  6. are they the same thing? if they are I'll go rename the field right now

    edit: there, the hover tooltip still says openfeint but who cares I'm not getting into that horrible mess of templates in vbulletin 4
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    Some people want both. I personally only need GameCenter.

  8. The icon is still an Open Feint icon. This fix fixes nothing, and actually makes things worse.

    way to go, noob.
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    No one uses sigs.

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    He's still half frozen. He'll catch up.

  10. post the proper icon and I'll upload it, then


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