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Thread: Lost Features of TNL

  1. Lost Features of TNL

    • Total Ignore
    • Post Auto-merge
    • Search that goes back more than two years
    • Thread description lines beneath thread titles

    How come it seems like we're losing features as time marches on? Why is it features that seemed to work fine in 2003 are for some reason impossible in 2010? cka already said search won't be improving (which I think really fucking sucks and is the most critical loss, but whatever, maybe nobody else cares).

    Will we ever get back the rest of this stuff or is it gone forever?

  2. when did I say search wouldn't be improving

    the first two features are dumb and superfluous, and the last one is a pain in the ass to integrate considering how horribly the company that bought vbulletin mangled the source code for 4

  3. In the 4.0 feedback thread I think. Perhaps I misunderstood. It will?

  4. I said the built-in search for vbulletin sucks like 75% of the rest of the product, but I never said it wouldn't be improving

  5. Post auto-merge is superfluous? Buttcheeks alone makes that feature a must-have.

  6. Actually many would argue the same justification for the first feature...

  7. See, this sucks. These should be merged.

  8. the solution is to not machine-gun post for the duplicate post problem

    also, like the other 2 mods sans search you outlined, double post prevention is a royal pain in the ass to implement because the vbulletin of today is nothing like the vbulletin of 2003 or whatever; there's a bunch of duplicated data for posts/threads in the tables and synchronizing it all is a bitch on top of having to modify files for the functionality (vbulletin 3 was supposed to do away with that with a code hook system, but it only works to a point) which I really don't want to do because that makes upgrading a god damn chore

    edit: in addition, since nick is using the cms crap for site content now it needs to be half-way stable and doing those mods makes it not as stable as a release version, so that's another reason for not reimplementing them

    as far as search goes, at some point when I have free time (not a lot of that lately with this server move on top of real work and other side projects) I'm looking into implementing this which should make it act more like it did in vbulletin 3
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  9. Here's a couple of useful things that disappeared:

    -Direct Page links after Thread Name (ie. 1,2,3,4,5,Last)
    -List of who is currently browsing the thread at the bottom of the page

    Any plans for these, or have they gone the way of the Dodo?

  10. the latter could probably be enabled still, but I think thread pagination on forumdisplay is 100% gone (I haven't seen it on ANY vbulletin 4 forums)


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