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Thread: Laptop Recommendations

  1. Laptop Recommendations

    My Macbook Pro has failed yet again and I've exhausted my Apple care, warranty, and patience with OSX and Apple.

    I'm looking for a 15" with Windows 7 that can run photoshop and premier. I would like to hook up a separate monitor for dual screen at some point. What kind of videocard and processor should I be looking for?

    Price range is around $1000.

    I may be able to acquire a Sony discount, are the Vaio's any good?

  2. Vaio's are kinda shitty and have all sorts of proprietary stuff in them

    you can probably get a dell inspiron or something for under a grand that can easily do all of those things, or do some window shopping at your local best buy/frys/whatever computer outlet store

  3. If you want to go for the best overall quality in a windows laptop/notebook, there is no question for me, Lenovo makes the best IMHO.
    "The only way microsoft would make something that doesn't suck is if they made vacuums"

  4. I started looking into laptops recently and saw that nvidia's next generation of mobile GPU's is supposed to be right around the corner. If you don't need one immediately, a month from now could be a great time to buy either for the new chips or for lower prices on the current gen ones.

    Just throwing that out there, sounds like it might not be a factor.


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