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Thread: OMG a 3DO, LOL!

  1. I'm pretty sure their first game was for Apple II or some shit. I recall reading about some skiing game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    ""[The 3DO] will be more stimulating to the human mind than any new technology since printing." - Trip Hawkins

    I'm not really going to get into the history of the console, because I'd just be copy/pasting from the first four or five sites google throws at me when doing a search on "3DO". If you're really interested, you know how to find the info.
    I think I'll start all my new threads like this

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Low View Post
    First original maybe? I know they did some projects on the Genny, like Ring of Power. It had boobs and thats about all it had.
    Way of the Warrior wasn't the first Naughty Dog game, but it was the one that brought them out of bedroom coder status. They were in high school when they made Rings of Power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    I'm pretty sure their first game was for Apple II or some shit. I recall reading about some skiing game.
    Ski Crazed, back when they called themselves Jam Software.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by YellerDog View Post
    Never played Space Hulk, but I always wanted to.

    I dunno, always seemed like a spiritual follow-up to Space Gun for some reason. Don't care about Warhammer though.
    If you're comparing it to Space Gun, it's definitely not what you're expecting. It's a real-time, squad-based strategy game with some action elements. It's the sequel to an older DOS/Amiga game, which was pretty great (one of the games I bought the day I got my first VGA computer), but looked less like an FPS from screenshots.

    They did a new Space Hulk recently on cell phones, but my old phone couldn't get it, and my new phone is Android-based and thus doesn't run J2ME stuff very well.

  6. Frog, did you ever get anywhere in Space Hulk?

  7. Hey Squall, I'll be your BFF if you can find me this Korean game. A decent looking 2D fighter.

    Pretty interesting looking. I like the mix of FMV and isometric pointy clicky game design.

    3DO had very few RPGs. Wish this one made it stateside.

    I actually got my copy of this game from a thrift store up here. Made some nerds jealous that I got it for $1.00. Neat Alone in the Dark/Resident Evil style game.

    Kenji Eno needs to come back to games.

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    I sold my 3DO to a buddy after not enjoying anything on it.
    I remember someone trading one in and I called SSJN to ask what the hell was it worth. Turns out: not much.

  9. Depends on how you look at it. Compared to a Neo Geo, no it's not worth much. But I get just as much from selling a 3DO as I do a Playstation 2. Twice as much as a Gamecube. Three times as much as a PS1.
    That's not too shaby for a system that most people don't know about, and those that do tend to trash.

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    Someone trade in a 3DO to me. I never really paid it much attention but some of these games look damn cool. The 3do Need For Speed looks better than any other NFS game that doesn't have "Hot Pursuit" in the title. I've also had a Capcom 6 button controller for the system in my drawer for 10 years now.
    Quote Originally Posted by EvilMog View Post
    Screw being smart. This is TNL.


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