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Thread: The Haul Thread: October

  1. The Haul Thread: October

    I also just got a cup of coffee. Hazelnut. It's alright.

  2. I got four tacos with a side of guacamole and a 32 oz sweet tea!
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  3. I got a small trash can, kitty litter, dry cat food, 8 AA Batteries, and a new belt today.

  4. - Halo Wars. It's the only game in the franchise I haven't beaten, and it was cheap so I figured WTF.

  5. Ordered No More Heroes 2 from Newegg for $12.99.

  6. #6

    The OFFICIAL October Haul Thread

    I'm sure it's October somewhere in the world!
    I went the whole day without buying anything. I'm pretty proud of myself.

  7. Oh, cool. I was going to start this at midnight but whatever.

    I'm buying Planescape: Torment from GOG at 12:01.
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  8. hipster videogame bullshit

    It's actually officially licensed by Sega!

    Also picked up dat Melty:

  9. I take it the Genny item is a bag?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Dyne View Post
    I take it the Genny item is a bag?

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