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    I fucking don't get DVR's.

    I want a DVR. I don't want to get one from my cable company and pay an extra 15/mo or whatever it may be to keep it, since I don't even know how long I'll be living here and I want to be able to take my DVR with me.

    I don't want a tivo. Tivo charges you 13 dollars a month for a "service plan" which does fucking nothing for me. I don't to pay a monthly fee for another device that streams netflix/pandora/etc on my television. I pay for netflix and xbox live gold, that's enough.

    Are there any other fucking options here? It seems fucking stupid that there wouldn't just be a fucking dvr out there that simply acts like a vhs with blank tapes, that you own, and don't have to pay monthly for.

    Someone educate me.

    PS I might just hook up my old vcr if I need to.
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  2. use a homemade dvr (usenet + rss feed)

    that, or set up a htpc that you can record to and an array of drives

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    I don't want to have to think about it! Blaargh!

    I guess I'd have to do an htpc tho.
    Pete DeBoer's Tie
    There are no rules, only consequences.


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