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Thread: Ads With Sound

  1. I guess the ad guys are trying to make this a November tradition? Anyway, I disabled all forum ads for now. I'll dig further into it when I get a chance, but it's taken care of for you guys.

  2. Thanks Nick, those sounds were getting annoying as all fuck.
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    I have never heard a single ad with sound, and I am all over this bitch.
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  4. I never heard them either, but I think it's because I run flashblock.

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    I swear but I like the booby ads and links to sex sites. I don't mind but what about the minors?

  6. Tons of ads with sound lately.

    They're also playing back to back, so just when you think it's over OH WAIT THE ENTIRE DARK KNIGHT RISES TRAILER.

  7. Okay, I'll get my hammer.

  8. Hi Nick,

    Ads with sound for cascade dish packs, not sure if you can disable by sponsor.
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  9. It's always something like Cascade or Febreeze. Bleh.


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