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Thread: So how do I get rid of my Dish Network subscription?

  1. So how do I get rid of my Dish Network subscription?

    I've heard a lot of you say repeatedly that one should only pay for cable internet and not cable/dish tv. I've done some research and still haven't found an all-in-one solution. I could build an htpc or if I could I'd rather keep an existing box which would look to be the PS3 (or my pc streaming). I just tried out Hulu to get caught up on Fringe. Their free service has most of the shows I want to watch but it's in SD. Apparently the Hulu+ will add HD but reports say it's not too great. I've also read that some shows are excluded from the PS3 for some reason that are included on the PC. So in that case, could I subscribe to Hulu+ and stream it from my PC to the PS3 and forgo the upcoming PS3 app and have access to all the shows? How would I do this? TVersity? Any help is appreciated.

    Mostly I watch stuff on USA, Spike, Food Network, the main Networks, Syfy, Discovery, HD Net and History Channel. I don't need live but I would like the shows to be as close to airing as possible.

    This method to get Hulu on the PS3 via a hack seems easy enough.
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  2. If you want to get rid of the shit without having to pay, just tell them you're moving far away and won't need it. Second, you can download your shit in HD if you really need it. Pirate all day errrr day.

  3. Pretty much that, yeah. Get an invite to a good private tracker and go to town.

  4. You don't even that shit nowadays. I use scene release sites and get that shit from megaupload like a 2 year old.

  5. be legit

  6. Or yeah, netflix/hulu/broadcast website.


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